About us

‘HEMATITE’: for reliable and transparent inspection work

Jeroen and Kenny are the driving forces behind HEMATITE.

For more than 10 years these two bosom friends have shared a common work history: initially in a different position and later both as NDT inspectors.

The friends already set their hearts on the NDT sector many years ago. “We were intrigued by the diversity of the work right from the very start. Getting an NDT company off the ground together eventually turned out to be a logical move,” they say.


Whatever sector you are operating in: you want to be assured of safe and optimally functioning equipment and resources. That is why HEMATITE identifies imminent defects before they occur using various NDT techniques. Prevention is better than cure.

SME or multinational?

At HEMATITE we believe that non-destructive testing should be accessible to everyone. Health, safety and the environment are important to all of us.

Do you need a speedy solution?

No company likes to waste precious time on inspections. At crucial times the last thing you want to have to deal with is defects that could have been avoided.

Do you want an NDT partner who provides a service when it suits you? You have come to the right place.

Is safety also a priority for you?

HEMATITEhelps you improve your business operations while mitigating risks. Our SCC-certification is proof of this. Safety for everyone is at the heart of every we do, every second of the day.

Do you attach importance to an efficient workflow?

So do we. HEMATITE takes care of your inspections and controls and is in possession of the required certifications. Thorough inspections carried out by experts help you avoid sky-high repair costs and inefficient workflows due to prolonged downtimes.

Do you need an all-round testing partner?

No two companies are the same. Everyone has different needs, desires and expectations. With HEMATITE you choose a partner who understands this diversity and is ahead of the game by offering tailor-made testing solutions.


HEMATITE’s vision is to make safe, expert and high quality NDT inspection accessible to everyone, regardless of the size of the company. To do this we use transparent communication, treat people and resources with respect, with the belief that through our activities we contribute to a safer and more sustainable world.


Ever since my childhood I have dreamt of starting and running a healthy and innovative company myself. Being independently responsible for its growth, together with my partner Jeroen, gives me a huge boost every day. I really enjoy networking. That can only benefit the growth of Hematite.

My customer focus and people management certainly come in handy at HEMATITE. Our transparent communication style and 24/7 accessibility are just a sample of our core values that make clients decide to work with us. When clients explicitly ask for me to carry out an audit, I am still secretly a little proud.