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It is important that your inspection partner understands and respects your specific needs. We make full use of our expertise and capabilities to minimise our customers’ NDT and operating costs.

Are you in search of an all-round inspection partner with experience in a wide variety of sectors? You have come to the right place.

We are familiar with all kinds of sectors such as:

  • machine building
  • construction industry
  • steel construction
  • chemistry and petrochemistry
  • the oil and gas industry

Quality control for welding activities? Other problems in your production processes? Using efficient inspection methods, HEMATITE detects and flags discontinuities. All our inspectors are certified according to ISO9712 regulations.

Our certificates

HEMATITE ISO_9001_certification mark_Cetradex_001
Our core business:
  • materials quality assurance
  • optimal support for NDT inspections

Expert’s reports

Ultrasonic testing (UT) and ultrasonic wall thickness testing (UTWT)

Ultrasonic and ultrasonic wall thickness testing include:

  • weld inspections according
  • wall thickness measurements
  • inspection of castings
  • inspection of forged parts
  • inspection of plating materials
  • inspection of piping, pipe bends and walls

Are you planning an ultrasonic inspection?

Magnetic testing (MT)

By Magnetic Testing we mean: 

  • weld inspections
  • inspection of castings

Are you planning a magnetic inspection?

Penetrant testing (PT)

Penetrant testing comprises:

  • weld inspections
  • leak-tightness

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Visual inspection (VT)

By Visual inspection we mean:

  • weld inspections
  • structural inspections
  • inspection of forged parts
  • inspection of plating materials

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We can perform the inspections above according to various current standards (e.g. NEN, EN, ISO, ASME).

Hematite - Crude Oil Refinery Plant Steel Pipe line and Chimney and Cooling

Time pressure

Every business struggles with it from time to time: time pressure. You don’t want to unnecessarily lose time on inspections at crucial times.

To make your projects run efficiently, we will work with you to find a time that suits you best. Your NDT inspections quickly, correctly and carefully: our goal.


We will be proud to show you the certificates we have obtained: